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Fitness 3000 3 D Function Massage Oscillating Vibration Platform


Fitness 3000 3 D Function Massage Oscillating Vibration Plate Trébol® oscillating function will help you find your best physical shape through passive gymnastics.
By placing your feet in different positions along the exercise surface, you can simulate Walking, Jogging, Running …

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With it you can experience the benefits of platform training in the most comfortable and simple way.
Do not wait any longer and try the Fitness 3000 oscillating vibrating platform with 3D function.

– The 3D movement combines 3 movements in a machine which allows you to customize your training:

          OSCILLATING: from side to side.

          LINEAR / PIVOTAL: from top to bottom.

          3-D: circular movement that incorporates oscillating and linear movement to offer a more complete exercise.

– By placing your feet in different positions along the exercise surface, you can simulate: Walking, Jogging, Running … Shapes the body and promotes digestion stimulated the intestinal tract. Activates blood circulation, promoting weight loss, helping to dissolve body fat.

– 2 engines reaching speeds between 118 and 445 rpm

– 10 speeds for the functions of UP / DOWN and OSCILLATION

– 10 speeds for the HORIZONTAL function

– 3 Automatic exercise programs.

– Screen with control of speed, calories and time.

– Remote control function for greater user comfort.

– Selectable timer from 1 to 15 min.

The vibrations cause the muscles of your body to contract involuntarily. Your body’s response to vibratory stimulation produces numerous benefits for your health. The oscillating vibrating platform Fitness 3000 with 3D function has a great number of benefits for your health:

• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

• Oxygenates tissues and eliminates toxins.

• Reduces the level of body fat and tones the body.

• Eliminates cellulite / Increases bone mineral density.

• Relaxing massage effect.

• Improves muscle strength and flexibility.

• Develop physical power.

• Prepares the body before sports activity.

• Recover quickly from muscle fatigue.

• Prevents and rehabilitates injuries.

• Improves the balance.

Accessories: – Instruction manual – Elastic strings

Technical characteristics :

– Material: ABL and rubber

– Power: 500W

– Voltage: 220-240 V

– 50/60 Hz

– Net weight: 21 Kgs.

– Dim.: 80 x 45 x 15 cm.

– Maximum user weight: 120 Kgs

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Weight 25 kg
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