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Ozone generator for car


Neutralizes bad odors, chemicals and tobacco smoke.
No needs maintenance or recharges.
No needs to change filters.
Very simple and easy to use.

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Ozone generator for car VIDA 10.

The use of Ozone Generators for cars is recommended since many hours are currently spent inside a vehicle and being a closed compartment it is easy to produce bad odors, so the cleanliness of the air is very important for the health of your users

Due to the multiple benefits of having an ozone generator, its use is recommended because due to environmental pollution and the increase of impurities in the air, this type of device helps to maintain the good lung health of vehicle users by providing a cleaner and healthier air.

Its carbon fiber generates millions of negative ions.

Negative ions revitalize the air and reduce bacteria.

Neutralizes bad odors, chemicals and tobacco smoke.

Its charcoal filter absorbs smoke, traffic pollution and other unpleasant odors.

Its high-performance fan purifies the interior of the vehicle quickly and quietly.

Its use, in addition to be so silent and go unnoticed during use in the vehicle provides a clean air and eliminates all kinds of odors so the environment inside the vehicle will have a much cleaner and more pleasant.

It works with a 12 volt output, to connect it to the cigarette lighter of the car.

The articulated design of its plug makes it adaptable to almost all car panels.

Its LED indicator indicates that the air is being purified.

It does not need maintenance or recharges.

No need to change filters.

Very simple and easy to use.

It is a product that complies with the CE regulations.

Low battery consumption.


Voltage: 12v

Consumption: Max- 1.5 W

Dimensions: L150 * W52 * H50 mm

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