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Portable Pressotherapy Equipment TREBOL ADVANCE



Includes 3 sets of connection tubes for use in separate areas.
-Make a deep massage by air pressure.
-Favors the circulation of blood.
-Reduces the feeling of fatigue.

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Includes 3 sets of connection tubes for use in separate areas.
This device promotes the circulation of blood and performs a deep massage by air pressure. Reduces the feeling of fatigue and helps the elimination of liquids.
It is a nice gray color, the tubes are made of high quality silicone and connect easily.
It has a user-friendly switchboard to choose the program that best suits your needs.
Its size is small to be able to store it and transport it comfortably.

It contains:

– 2 leg boots
– 2 cuffs for thighs / arms or waist.
– 2 templates
– 1 switchboard.
– 1 transformer for the current.
– 3 sets of tubes: 1 for legs and sleeves.
                          1 for only legs.
                          1 for only hoses.
– 1 multi-language manual.

Technical data:

15 minute timer
Input power: AC100-240V 50/60 Hz.
Nominal power: 10W.
Electrical category: II
Insulation class: E

Additional information

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