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Solingen cookware set 30 pz


Solingen cookware set, 30 pieces of high quality.
Mirror finish in 18/10 stainless steel for great durability and efficiency.

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Solingen cookware set, 30 pieces of high quality.


High quality in the battery manufacturing process, mirror finish in 18/10 stainless steel for great durability and efficiency. Whether you want to boil, toast, roast, braise, steam or fry, you can check the efficiency of the thermal plate design of the base, which guarantees an efficient distribution of heat preventing the vessels from suffering burn points.

Its finish adjusts design and safety, since all its borders are so that they can not produce any damage.



This battery has been designed and manufactured with the highest quality in 18/10 chromed stainless steel.

Using the latest technology in pressure system of 1200 tons for fixing the base with encapsulated bottom. This system is the formula for an efficient distribution of energy and a greater saving of it. This system enhances the heat conductivity, being it distributed efficiently and stored in the base for a faster cooking of food.


Due to its design, the steam generated during the cooking process accumulates in the center of the cooking process. This design also facilitates the formation of a vapor ring between the bottom and the lid acting as a seal to keep all the nutrients in the food intact.


Some procedures can destroy the nutritional value of food. Using high temperatures in uncovered containers can reduce and even eliminate vitamins and minerals from food.

Specially designed for a better distribution of heat and preservation of the nutritional values ​​of food.

You can cook many foods with a minimum amount of water or even without it, which means that the vitamins and minerals are kept and reach your plate and do not go down the drain. It is not necessary to add fatty supplements such as butter or oil when meat is cooked, reducing caloric intake and saving money.

Due to its luxurious mirror finish, containers can be used to serve food directly on the table, to keeping the food hot longer and thus saving cleaning time.

Its cleaning is very easy since its finish allows it to be easily shiny.

To save can be inserted some containers in others and thus save space.


             16 x 8 cm. Dipper with lid.
16 x 10 cm. Pan with lid.
20 x 10 cm. Pan with lid.
20 x 10 cm. Steam saucepan (0.6 mm)
24 x 13.5 cm. Pan with lid.
24 x 6.5 cm. Frying pan with lid. (1 mm)
20 x 6.5 cm. Bowl with plastic lid (0.5 mm)
24 x 7.5 cm. Bowl with plastic lid (0.5 mm)
20 cm Frying and roasting basket.
20 cm Gratifier
24 cm Ring.
2 plastic table mats
5 kitchen utensils
1 suction grip
1 knob of Bakelite and 2 knobs with thermostat
Box: 54 x 53 x 19.5 cm.

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