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Support cane with light


Support cane with light


The cane is commonly used by the elderly, disabled or recovering from an injury, and is ideal when there is sufficient strength on one side of the body but not on the other, although it also helps to reduce tiredness or pain when walking, since it removes weight to legs and joints.

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¬This cane is adjustable in height, allowing the use of many people with different complexions. Maximum measurement 93 cm.

¬ Folding chair, you can take it anywhere; it can be folded in any type of bag.

¬Base pivoting for greater security.

¬Includes LED flashlight in the handle to improve night travel or low light.

¬Ergonomic handle, with foam to favor the non-sweating of the hand and avoid possible slips.

When people get older, they develop arthritis, joint stiffness, weakening of muscles and problems of coordination and balance.
To help with balance and safety when walking, many elderly people, as well as others who are recovering from various types of surgeries, choose to use a walking stick.
Although it takes a little practice before it seems “natural”, walking with a cane can be done without problems.
The most common question about the use of a cane is: “In what hand should I hold it?” The answer is the opposite hand to the leg that was operated on or that is weaker.
The four points need to be on the floor before you lay your weight on the cane.
Look forward when you walk, not at your feet.
Verify that your cane has adjusted to your height:
¬The handle should be level with the wrist.
¬ Your elbow should bend slightly when you hold the handle.
With this cane you will be able to become self-sufficient again.
Take walks again and move anywhere with the security you need.

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