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Vertical steam iron Steam Brush


Vertical steam iron, remove wrinkles easily.
The effect of the gentle steam allows to extend the useful life of the clothes
Save time over traditional ironing
Also suitable for delicate fabrics

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The perfect solution for ironing clothes when we have little time and space.

Recommended for ironing delicate garments.

To save space when traveling, we usually store a large number of clothes in a single suitcase, so when we take them out, we find a lot of wrinkled and shapeless clothes. However, to solve this problem, there are compact steam irons, highly recommended for travel, as they do not take up much space.

Not only for travel, but for your home too, vertical steam irons are a very useful tool for ironing fabrics while hanging, without the need to use an ironing board, greatly saving time and electricity.

Vertical steam irons are an excellent solution when you want to iron clothes and don’t have enough time to do a traditional ironing. They are also recommended for ironing delicate garments as they are not in direct contact with the soleplate of the iron.

To choose a travel vertical steam iron, certain aspects must be taken into account, one of them is the capacity of the tank, more than 100ml is recommended, another very important factor is the power of the iron, which is decisive for heating the water in a faster. The most recommended is that the power is at least 800 W, our vertical iron has 1000W.

Other characteristics that could be evaluated are the design and accessories that will give the steam iron more space and functionality. Depending on what type of accessories and brushes the iron has, any type of fabric can be ironed.

Our model has a traditional iron soleplate, a cloth lint remover pad and a bristle brush.

• Dry or steam ironing
• Includes 2 brushes, measuring cup and support base
• With temperature control
• Measures approx. 34 × 8.5 × 8.5cm
• Weight approx. 900g

• Power: 1000W
• Tank capacity: 120ml
• Warm-up: 50 seconds
• Cable length: 1.65m

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